Our guide for hanging wall art

We get these questions frequently – “How high do I hang my artwork?”; “How many pieces belong in a gallery?”; “How do I know what the right piece for a certain space is?” – So we decided it was time to put together a quick, easy to follow guide to hanging your own wall art.

If you’ve seen our social media pages, we recently shared a video displaying four common d├ęcor/staging mistakes. Oftentimes, we will see homeowners with wall art hung much too high, spaced too far apart, or too small for the area. Before hanging artwork, refer to these tips!

So you’ve got the artwork and now you have our tips, but you’re not quite ready to go yet. We’ve linked the tools and hardware that will assist you in hanging your wall art.

We hope this helps! Make sure to reach out with any further questions about your personal wall hangings!

Sofa featured is the Arroyo sofa from Ashley Furniture available at Homemakers Furniture in Urbandale, IA. Black metal chest is the Pulaski metal storage cabinet also from Homemakers.

Black and white botanical sketch prints are available at Target.