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Bringing Glam to any Home and Style – for Home Stagers and Home Owners

The internet and access one has to content allows exposure to every type of home and decorating style. While one may think this is overwhelming, it’s actually liberating once realized that any piece of furniture can complement any design style, just with the right décor and accessories. Gold may be on trend at the moment, but it’s always been a classic as well. For home stagers, or homeowners, the Nathan James Glam collection is the key to introducing unique pieces, on an affordable budget that allow one to decorate with any and all home styles.

2020 is looking up

Hi friends! Welcome to our first blog post. Emily here, and being the longwinded talker/writer that I am, I figured it was finally time to try my hand at blog copy! We do not own all of the furniture that we use in staging, but will purchase special items for our inventory when they are […]